Set Up a Blog for $2

Set Up a Blog for $2

Whenever someone begins to network online and asks me questions about getting their word out there or setting up a website, I tell them, “Start a blog.” But then the questions start coming, where do I start? Do I need a domain name? How much does hosting cost? What do you mean by a niche site?Phew! It could go on an on. I don’t like overwhelming people and always advise one step at a time.

It’s daunting to many of us to get on the Internet and start a blog from scratch. People always see the finished product in their heads but getting from point A to B is the hard part. And I have to admit, if it weren’t for my hubby, it probably would have taken me a a long time to get things going as well. Every time I am stumped I just pass the laptop over to Brad (who is usually working on his laptop) and say, “I just want my site to look like this.” 🙂

Most people don’t have the advantage of having a business partner working side by side with them when working from home, so I found another solution.

I was just reading a step by step tutorial on setting up a blog from scratch at Moms Cash Blog for only $2! This is awesome and this is what I will send people to so they can get started on the right foot and start it in steps. The cool thing is there are coupons like getting a domain name for $1.99 and hosting for a penny!

This is worth checking out even if you already have a blog because if you do any training or a leader on a team, it takes the work off of your hands and it’s the training is all done for you.

Photo by Patricia Dekker